video by Whitney Freedman and Wiley Rogers

tool for the exchange of force

Sculptures in themselves, these hands and feet are grotesque and beautiful. Weighted with sand they are two-thirds heavier by volume than the human body. Heft and fragility mark the physical force they exert on my body, on each other, their material, and on the pulley. 
A pulley is a simple machine for the exchange of energy. Force on one end is converted into force on the other. The force of a foot stomping down on a chest can be halted, suspended, and reversed. 
As the performer, I animate the objects. I project m own body onto them, and they lay their weight on my body. Exploring the ideas of resistance, force/counterforce, justice, and color, I look to the materials. Weight: a material of dominance. Collectivity:Change:Tools:Justice
These tools access embodiment, humanity, fragility, care and tending, and character of the transfer of force and exchange of energy.

This project was presented at the inaugural Performance Primers event for new dance and performance and works in progress on September 10, 2016 in Oakland,CA.

all photos by Whitney Freedman