The Space Between

A group installation of the Egrets Collective at Uptown Art Center in Chicago
June-July 2016

In a vocabulary of blues, my work speaks about the depths and variations of my experience of self: what it has to do with mine and other’s bodies, and how identity evolves and transforms. Body, the material of identity, is fragmented, distorted, slowed and multiplied. My experience in my own body varies from moment to moment, and the subtlety of living inside of a body is an exercise in awareness. Awareness can bridge piece to part, while compressing or distorting the spaces between. The space between one hand and the other, or the space of bodies between the arms of an embrace can sometimes be lost or abstracted in the instant of experience. There are also moments of multiplicity in the body. Acute awareness of the secret subtlety of movement, imperceptible to sight, is an intimacy with the self and an identity of its own. Layering, connecting edges, depth of color, and figurative painting echo through the variance of self-image and identity.

all photos by Aidan Fitzpatrick